Going Through A Transformation? 3 Things You Need To Know

Raise your hand if you’re a woman between the ages of 35-45 and you feel like you’re going through a major change, transformation or upheaval in your life.

If you raised your hand, I have good news:  It’s called perimenopause, and you are not crazy.

In today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday, you’ll learn three things about perimenopause (not to be confused with menopause) that will help you navigate this phase of your life more smoothly.

If you’re questioning your career path, your life’s work, your relationship, your identity, your sexuality, your purpose–anything that up until now felt concrete and unquestionable–I’m here to tell you it’s completely normal for women to experience a massive paradigm shift after age 35.

Oddly, and also without surprise, there is little information out there about this potent phase of a women’s life.

I’m on a mission to bring more awareness, clarity, and familiarity to this female rite of passage.

As mentioned in today’s video, click here to read an article I wrote on this subject that will help you to gain more insight into the changes you are experiencing from a Chinese medicine point of view.

And if your transformation involves desiring something that has not yet come to be, click here to read my step-by-step process of getting in the right relationship with your desires, so that it’s less agonizing, and you are in a better position to allow your true desires to flow into your life.

In that same vein, if this period of your life involves making some big life decisions, which so often it does, click play on the video above to learn my favorite fool-proof method to know how to make the right decision for you.

Women have the opportunity to come into their true power during perimenopause. There’s no doubt about it.

Own it. It’s yours.



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See you next Wednesday! XO


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