Why I March


I march for my mom, medicine woman, single mother, who taught me to be my own warrior, seek spiritual growth, and to laugh.


I march for my grandma, ballroom dancer, breast cancer survivor, who taught me to savor beauty, live with grace, and sit with pain.


I march for my grandmother, matriarch, feminist, who showed me what it looks like to follow your heart, even if it means disappointing others.


I march for my fifth grade English teacher, Sally, who taught me the power of the written word, and that a shy, awkward girl matters.


I march for my high school English teacher and mentor, Judy, who taught me to leap when there was no net and to have faith one would appear. It always did.


I march for my closest girlfriends, who shine their brilliant minds and hearts on me and everyone around them, who have held me up through every challenging and celebratory time in my life. Goddesses, all of them.


I march for every woman who embarks on a healing journey and searches to truly know herself. The bravery that takes astonishes me.


I march for every woman who has known the pain of a reproductive disorder, the struggle of infertility, and the existential darkness that comes with both.


I march for every woman who has lost a child, no matter how old, or how young, no matter what the circumstance.


I march for every woman who has felt invisible, disrespected, marginalized, silenced, or shamed, including women who are economically disadvantaged, women with disabilities, women with mental illness, women of color, immigrant women, native women, lesbian, queer, and trans women.


I march for every woman who has felt the red-hot fury of objectification.


I march for every woman artist, writer, dancer, and musician who is bravely expressing her unique narrative in society, of which we are in dire need.


I march for every woman who is cultivating peace and compassion in her heart and in her community.


I march for every woman who is causing disruption.


Most of all, I march for my two young daughters, and for every little girl who doesn’t yet know what it means to be a woman in this world.


We will show them. Together.


This Saturday, I’ll be marching in the Women’s March on Denver to support social justice, human rights, and equality, and to show my vigilance in protecting these rights moving forward. 

I’m marching in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington and hundreds of other Sister Marches around the country.

More specifically, I’m marching to honor the women in my life who have made a difference to me and to the world, and to uphold the value of all women who have been marginalized, oppressed, and silenced in our culture. 

If you want to march and don’t know where to go, click on one of the links above to find a march near you this Saturday.

Whether you’re marching in person or in spirit, why are YOU marching? Tag me on social media @josiebouchier with the hashtag #WhyIMarch to let me know. I’d love to hear.

You can also find me on Instagram to see the sign I made! 


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In health and solidarity. XO


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