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Posted by on Mar 28, 2017 in Chinese Medicine, Fertility, Personal Development, Whole Woman Wednesday | 0 comments

Unlock Your Fertile Potential Using These 3 Unexpected Tips


In today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday you’ll learn three unexpected ways to unlock your fertile potential and feel more powerful and supported in the world.

(Even if you’re not trying to conceive, you won’t want to miss these tips, they can be life-changing!)

So often in my practice, when working with a fertility patient, she will start to undergo major life changes and ask herself who she wants to be and how she wants to live her life.

According to Chinese medicine, this deep introspection and consequent action is the key to becoming more fertile.

If you’re interested in learning more about the concept I talk about in this video of accessing your fertile potential by expressing more of your authentic self, read this article I wrote.

Click play above to watch the full episode–and see my ballet warm-up bloopers at the end. Real ballerinas, don’t judge. 😉

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See you next Wednesday! XO


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