3 Steps To Master The Two-Week Wait When Trying To Conceive


If you’ve been trying to conceive for any length of time, you know how excruciating the two-week wait can be from ovulation (or embryo transfer) to testing for pregnancy.

What if I told you this waiting period could feel enjoyable, relaxing, and you could even experience time passing faster?

In today’s five minute episode of Whole Woman Wednesday, you’ll learn three steps to master the two-week wait so you can enjoy your fertility journey rather than struggle through it.

In fact, you can apply these tips to any life scenario when the wait feels painful for something you deeply desire.

The secret is to recognize the quality of your desire while you’re waiting–is it coming from a place of lack or from a place of satisfaction? Are you feeling desperate or are you setting an intention? Big difference!

Once you identify where you’re coming from, you can take steps to shift your perception and regain your personal power (and peace of mind) while you wait. (There’s even a trick you can do to make time whiz by!)

Most importantly, know that the reason why the wait feels excruciating is because you are choosing to live bravely by following your heart’s desire. This makes you extremely vulnerable.

As Dr. Brené Brown describes it, vulnerability is when something may or may not work out and you’re still ALL in. Most people will choose not to live that way, because it’s too uncomfortable.

But not you, because you’ve decided that you want what you want more than you want to feel safe.

And that’s a surefire way to get what you’re waiting for.


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Much love and gratitude.

See you next Wednesday! XO


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