Top 10 Anti-inflammatory Foods To Eat

Continuing from my last blog post where we talked about the top 10 foods to avoid, I want to tell you the top 10 foods to eat! (Again, check out this wonderful website where I got these lists.)

There are many other anti-inflammatory, good-for-you foods to eat, but I thought this list was a really great place to start. In general, a good rule of thumb is to eat organic, whole foods whenever possible. And you can’t really eat too many vegetables. 🙂

Without further ado…

The top 10 anti-inflammatory foods to eat in abundance are:

1) Kelp and other seaweeds. In Chinese medicine we use seaweed in our herbal formulas to help dissolve nodules in the body and nourish the Kidneys. Seaweed is good for the thyroid, fighting cancer, and will help reduce fibrocystic breasts in women.

2) Wild Alaskan salmon. Fish and fish oil are excellent for mood and brain function, as well as reducing symptoms of inflammation in the body such as painful joints. Just be sure to get your fish from non-polluted waters.

3) Tumeric. Tumeric, also known as Yu Jin, is a Chinese herb that invigorates and moves Qi and Blood, clears heat from the body and relieves pain.

4) Shiitake mushroom. Mushrooms boost the immune system and are used abundantly in Chinese medicine to increase longevity.

5) Green tea. In addition to seaweed, tumeric and mushroom, the Chinese have also known for centuries about the numerous health benefits of green tea. (See why I picked Chinese medicine? They knew what they were doing! And eating.) Among many other pluses, green tea has been shown to fight cancer and heart disease and is jam-packed with antioxidants.

6) Papaya. I don’t often recommend tropical fruits (because they are so sweet), but papaya has many health benefits such as aiding digestion, slowing the effects of aging and improving lactation in nursing mothers. Another beneficial tropical fruit is pineapple, which contains an enzyme that helps rebuild the uterine lining in women, so it is good to eat after your period.

7) Blueberries. Or any berry for that matter. I always tell my patients to choose berries when they are eating fruit. They are full of antioxidants and they have a lower glycemic index than other fruit which means they won’t spike your blood sugar.

8 ) Extra virgin olive oil. Or other high quality oils such as avocado, walnut or coconut oil. Be careful when cooking with olive oil, however, as it burns easily which will negate all the positive effects. Olive oil is best eaten “raw” and room temperature, drizzled over things. Yum.

9) Broccoli. Broccoli is cooling and good for the Liver and the eyes in Chinese medicine. Broccoli also improves difficult urination and fights cancer. What’s not to love about broccoli?

10) Sweet potato. Sweet potato is used in Chinese medicine to strengthen the digestion and improve constipation or diarrhea. Sweet potato can also help increase milk production in nursing mothers.

There you have it! Your grocery list for the week 😉

Take action!

Choose 5 of these foods to incorporate into your diet this week. Commit to buying them next time you’re at the grocery store.

Leave a comment below telling me which food you were so glad to see on the list! (I think mine is olive oil.)

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