The One Decision That Doubled My Income In A Year

The absolute smartest decision I have ever made for my business was to find a mentor. Hands down.

How I met Elizabeth Rider (of is a looooooong story that involves a psychic reading session, Twitter, Dr. Christiane Northrup (author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom), and good ol’ fashioned luck. But I knew the second I discovered her that I wanted to do what she was doing.

A mentor should inspire you to action, hold you accountable, support you, push you to set higher goals than you thought yourself capable, give you access to the education and resources you need to move your business (and life) forward, and lead the kind of life that you aspire to lead.


A mentor should not make you feel guilty, do your work for you, or be struggling in their own life. That’s not to say that your mentor needs to be Buddha, but he or she does need to be a couple steps ahead of you on the path of growth so that they can show you the way.

Having graduated from the world renown Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Elizabeth taught me how to create my own 28-day, online nutrition program and exactly how to build a solid stream of residual income as a wonderful addition to my acupuncture practice.


I’m happy to say that my online nutrition program has taken off, is matching my acupuncture income, and continues to grow! I wake up every morning excited to build my business and know that I am being supported 100% by Elizabeth and an incredible team of wellness entrepreneurs doing the same thing I’m doing, called Enlightened Living.


Now I teach other wellness professionals, or women interested in health and entrepreneurship, how to build their own thriving wellness business that will continue to pay them for life.


Right now I am accepting 6 women into my business mentoring program, and then I’m closing the doors for a couple months so I can focus my energy on teaching them to create their thriving wellness business.


I have had the pleasure of mentoring 12 women (and a one man :-)) over the past six months who are now reaching their financial, personal, and health goals, and I’m ready for the next group!


Here are some questions to ask yourself when seeking a mentor or mentoring program:


Is he or she doing what I want to be doing?

Is he or she happy and healthy?

Does he or she enjoy his or her life?

Has he or she mentored others who have succeeded?

Am I ready to take my business and life to the next level? 

How much am I willing to commit in terms of time, energy, and money?


Click here to find out more details and to apply for my business mentoring program.


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Photo: Part of our lovely Enlightened Living team 🙂

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