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Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Chinese Medicine | 0 comments

The One Craving That’s Good For You

The One Craving That’s Good For You

You guessed it… acupuncture!

In fact, I’ve had patients tell me that they love acupuncture so much they become addicted to it.

And unlike many forms of addiction, acupuncture is actually good for you!

Inserting needles in the body releases endorphins and powerful pain-relieving, naturally occurring substances that can be up to 10x more powerful than morphine.

(I suppose if you’re craving green leafy vegetables, then acupuncture isn’t the only craving that’s good for you. 🙂 )

My last blog post talked about the nature of cravings and how they have to power to direct you into balance or push you off balance, depending on your current state of being. Click here to read more.

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