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Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in Chinese Medicine, Fertility, Whole Woman Wednesday | 0 comments

Prevent Premature Aging And Protect Your Fertility Using These 3 Tips


In today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday, you’ll learn my three best tips to prevent premature aging and protect your fertility.

My second tip is to improve your sleep, and you’ll hear why in the video. Click here to watch a previous episode where I teach you three of my favorite techniques to improve your sleep. And please share any sleep tips that have worked for you in the comments below.

As you’ll hear me say in today’s video, we are made up of trillions of cells. And guess what the biggest cells in our body are, as women? Our eggs! So, when it comes to protecting and boosting our fertility, cellular health and preservation is key.

The absolute best way to keep our cells healthy is to take a high quality multivitamin.

Click here to shop the pharmaceutical-grade supplements from USANA Health Sciences that I recommend to my patients and provide to all my online program participants.

Click here to ask me for supplement recommendations before you buy, if you aren’t sure what to get. Or, start with USANA’s CellSentials multivitamin and Biomega Fish Oil as a basic vitamin regimen.

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See you next Wednesday! XO


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