Harness The Power Of Your Period Using These 3 Techniques

In today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday, you’ll learn my three favorite practices for getting the most out of your period–a time during which you have heightened intuitive and healing abilities.

Woman are so lucky to have this built-in super power!

(If you missed last week’s episode about how to eliminate PMS, click here.)

If you’re interested in learning more about the effects of women ignoring their feminine power (and periods), click here to read an article I wrote and here to watch an inspiring TEDx talk from one of my mentors, Dr. Libby Weaver. Dr. Libby also wrote a wonderful book called Rushing Woman’s Syndrome, that I highly recommend.

Here’s an article I found on some decent looking period tracking apps. Let me know if you try one!

The book I mention in today’s video is The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, and the exercise she describes in the book is called Morning Pages.

Bonus tip: For a powerful journaling exercise that will help you get in the right relationship with your desires, click here.

The high quality supplements I recommend to all my patients, program participants, friends, and family come from USANA Health Sciences, you can click here to order them, or contact me here for supplement recommendations.

In addition to drinking plenty of water and taking your vitamins, you can also make sure to eat cleanly during your flow. That means avoiding foods high in chemicals like conventionally grown fruits and veggies, soda (especially diet soda), candy, processed and packaged foods, cured meats, alcohol, and caffeine. And stick to simple, easy-to-digest foods like cooked grains, cooked organic veggies, and clean protein.

Watch to the end of today’s episode for a glimpse of the very exotic and long forgotten “menstruation dance.” 😉


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