Banish Stress & Anxiety Naturally

Our daily lives are not easy. They are busy and hectic and, sometimes, overwhelming. Work, motherhood, marriage, family– the things that bring us so much joy, come hand-in-hand with demands, stress, and anxiety.

Some days, you feel like you are drowning.

Your calendar is too full… Your deadlines are too soon coming… Your house won’t clean itself… Dinner isn’t going to magically appear on the table…

There are not enough hours in the day, and you feel as if your shoulders cannot bear any more weight.

What if I told you that you are NOT alone?

Because you’re not, you know.

We’ve all found ourselves drowning at one point or another. We have all struggled to stay above water, only to be brought down again and again by the stress and anxiety hidden around every corner in our day.

We have all found ourselves constantly striving to meet the demands of our careers, our families, our home-life…

While failing to find the time to take care of ourselves.

Josie Bouchier

Now… What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way?

That “peace” and “calm” aren’t words meant for other people — people who aren’t balancing so many things on their shoulders. That those words are meant for YOU. And that YOU can find them and have them and hold onto them… no matter how hectic your day may be.

Peaceful Woman uses a holistic and comprehensive approach to tackle the all-too-common and constant states of stress and anxiety we have all become used to. This 14-day program will teach you how to make simple but significant tweaks in your day in order to feel more peaceful, centered, grounded, and powerful in every aspect of your life.

With so many responsibilities (deadlines, dinners, projects, children… the list goes on and on, doesn’t it?), it seems impossible to find the time to unwind, de-stress, and take time for ourselves.

There simply aren’t enough hours in the day… and, no matter how clever you are with your calendar, making time for yourself seems like nothing more than wishful thinking.

What if I SHOWED you that finding time for yourself… finding your PEACE… is not only possible – it’s easy and ESSENTIAL to your happiness and well-being?

Josie Bouchier

I’m Josie Bouchier…

licensed acupuncturist, women’s holistic health expert, and mom to two beautiful daughters. I have studied with world renown Chinese Medicine and women’s health experts, and healed my own mind, body, and spirit from near constant states of stress and anxiety. I no longer suffer from panic attacks, and I regularly use the tools I teach in this program to exist peacefully and feel at ease in the world.

I have empowered women from all over the world to bring their minds, bodies, and spirits back into peaceful balance, and now I want to empower you. I created Peaceful Woman because I see so many intelligent, savvy women who are living their everyday lives in a constant state of stress and anxiety that is wreaking havoc on their hormones, emotions, and well-being. I’m here to show you there’s a better way.


  • How proper supplementation reduces stress on a cellular level, reducing overall body and mind stress
  • How you may be holding stress in your digestion, how digestion connects with your mood and immunity and how to take simple steps to heal your digestion thus reducing stress and anxiety levels
  • The blood sugar / mood connection—How spiking your blood sugar several times a day, every day, causes stress in the body and wicked mood swings, and how low glycemic eating eases stress and inflammation in the mind and body
  • How certain foods can create more stress or alleviate it, you’ll learn how to become mindful of how foods affect your mind, body, and spirit
  • How creating a stress-free morning routine can set up your day, week, and month to run smoothly, alleviate stress and anxiety, and have a ripple effect across all areas of your life
  • Practices and techniques to reduce or eliminate caffeine and alcohol, thus stopping the vicious cycle of creating more stress and anxiety in the mind and body
  • Meditation and mindfulness practices to carry you effortlessly through your day
  • Breathing techniques to eliminate stress hormones from the body faster than any drug
  • How to address feelings of overwhelm when your to-do list feels never-ending and how to calmly and easily tick off those to-do items
  • Transformational self-care practices that will nourish and fill your cup so you have plenty of energy to devote to your daily tasks and important people in your life
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine acupressure points to naturally alleviate stress and anxiety anytime, anywhere—these are essential!
  • How to manage stress in the workplace, where many of us spend the majority of our time
  • How to redefine your relationship with technology and social media to add benefit to your life, instead of contributing to stress and anxiety
  • Book, app, and podcast recommendations to deepen your knowledge of peaceful living and give you continued support after the program ends
  • How to energetically protect yourself as a highly sensitive woman from taking on other people’s stress and anxiety as your own—so important!



Online. In the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.

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Join the wait list below to be notified when registration opens and get instant access to a sample video from Peaceful Woman where you’ll learn my favorite, tried-and-true techniques to energetically protect yourself in order to live more peacefully.

When You Register for Peaceful Woman, You’ll Receive:

  • Access to 14 days worth of content in the form of videos, pdfs, and audio downloads that are yours to keep forever to make your peaceful journey a success.
  • Immediate Full Program Access—all program materials will be available to you as soon as the program begins, no waiting on emails!
  • Full month’s supply of convenient AM/PM vitamin packs that include my basic recommendations for naturally supporting a peaceful environment in your body. All the supplements are pharmaceutical-grade (which is an even higher standard than organic), scientifically tested for safety of upper-limit dosages, and manufactured in an FDA-registered facility. They’re also rated #1 in North America by 3rd party studies, and tested by Consumer Labs. ($199 retail value.)  Your supplements include:
    • A complete, super-charged multivitamin to fill in the gaps of vital vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that you might be deficient in or lacking  (Antioxidants will help repair the damage from the daily stress of free radicals that our cells are exposed to every day in our environment.)
    • A double distilled, mercury-free fish oil/omega-3 supplement  (There is a clear connection between improved mood and fish oil, because the brain needs omega fatty acids to function properly.)
    • Active calcium providing balanced levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D in truly bioavailable forms (Magnesium is important in healthy sleep/wake cycles, and helps to calm the body.)
    • A comprehensive liver support formula with milk-thistle extract that promotes the body’s detox processes (A backed-up or overloaded liver can lead to estrogen excess in the form of PMS and other unpleasant symptoms associated with high stress levels. In Chinese medicine, stress culminates in the Liver, so a liver support is crucial to reduce stress in the body.)
  • Exclusive access to my Whole Woman community where you can talk with, ask questions, share challenges and successes, gain inspiration and get support from me and other like-minded women

Your box of goodies will be delivered straight to your doorstep at no extra charge.


ALL FOR $149

($1,700+ Value)

Register now and begin your journey to a more peaceful life.


I am honored to be joined by special guests for PEACEFUL WOMAN. They will be contributing their expert advice, content, tips, and recommendations to help your journey to peacefulness be a success.

Katie Siefermann M.A

Katie Siefermann M.A. is a professional organizer and the founder of Fall Into Place Organizing, based in Denver, Colorado. She works with busy, passionate individuals by providing holistic organizing services for home, work and life, both virtually and in person. Katie belongs to the National Association of Professional Organizers and recently transitioned into the field, bringing a decade of professional experience as a former speech-language pathologist and 10+ years of personal experience overcoming her own challenges with physical, mental and schedule clutter. She loves helping people apply organizing and self care principles to manage their stress and create more time and space to do what they love! Connect with Katie at

Angela Watson Robertson

Angela Watson Robertson, MBA, CIHC, INHC is known as America’s Reinvention Warrior and host of Masters of Reinvention with Angela Watson Robertson, the only show on the radio to bring together top transformation experts who will show you how to positively change your life along with expertly researched nutrition and lifestyle advice. Not only has Angela completely reinvented her own life, she has created simple, effective tools to help others transform every area of their lives- from health, career and money to relationships, spirituality and sex. She teaches her clients to be “Reinvention Warriors” and create a balanced, sustainable and authentic life using her profound nutritional and mindfulness techniques.

For years, Angela has worked with coaches, professionals, moms, and business owners who are at a turning point in their life and ready to grow, learn and evolve like never before. Through a practical blend of her training and experience in holistic nutrition, business, coaching, reiki, yoga and meditation she brings a depth of knowledge to support women who are feeling stuck, overwhelmed, frustrated or scared about their future. Angela loves to work with “She-Warriors,” as she calls them, or the women who are courageous enough to recreate their lives even when all seems lost. Angela offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching, online nutrition and wellness programs, workshops and retreats. To work with Angela and learn more go to

What are you waiting for?

Register now and take that first step on your journey to a more peaceful life.

I enrolled in Josie’s Peaceful Woman program because I was feeling frazzled, stressed and exhausted. I felt a deep need to find tools to calm my mind and body so that I could take a considerate look at the things in my life and create changes. I knew I had the capacity to be the woman, artist, mother and wife that I wanted, but I needed the space and permission to dive more deeply and consistently into a self care routine. Peaceful woman gave me the tools to make mindful and clear decisions. Through this program I was challenged to look at my relationship to alcohol, social media, breath and my tribe. There were invaluable suggestions on changing routines that have created sweet moments for my whole family. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to all women, as we care for ourselves we have greater capacity to care for the world.

Lisa R.

Denver, Colorado

I have new tools to deal with tension when I’m feeling stressed out. I really liked the video format, and the fact that the course was online and I could take lessons at my own pace. My favorite lesson was the acupressure points, I can’t wait to try them out! I found the lessons very enlightening and helpful. Thank you so much for this course!

Michelle, 33

Winona, MN

Josie is wonderful! I came to her at a time when my life was very chaotic and stressful and she helped me reestablish balance and peace in my body. Not only has my overall well-being improved but my skin has never looked better! I participated in two of her online programs that gave me a tremendous amount of information, with regards to healthy living, that I never would have gotten otherwise. She is quite knowledgeable and has done all the research (with references provided) to help with a lot of common health issues. I always feel calm and happy after working with Josie and would recommend her to anyone interested in making a positive change in their life.

Bethany Z.

Denver, Colorado

Who can join?

Participants just have to be over the age of 18 years old and not currently a distributor (associate) of or preferred customer of my product partner, USANA Health Sciences. Location doesn’t matter, all of the program content is accessible online, and your supplements will be delivered to your doorstep. (Prices may vary outside the US, contact me at for details.)

What's the time commitment?

On average each day, you’ll spend about 15-25 minutes watching the videos, reading handouts and completing the content. You can go through the information at your own pace; if you want to set time aside daily that’s great, or some people save up the week’s content and go through them all on the weekend, and that’s great, too! I find these time frames are the perfect amount of training for you to learn a ton and digest the information, while still fitting easily into your busy life. You have access to your materials for life, so you can always pause your learning and restart when the time is right.

My life is so busy, will this program fit into my daily life and schedule?

Yes, the entire program was created to easily fit into your day-to-day life. All of the content is accessible online and done on your own time. The content is also yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

What happens if I fall behind on the daily content?

Not to worry at all. Since all of the content is done on your own time, you can choose to go through it daily, or save it up for a day(s) that works better for you. There’s no homework, so you’ll never be “behind.” The content is yours to keep, so you’ll always be able to refer back to it.

Are the supplements you use healthy and/or organic?

Yes. I looked long and hard for the best supplements on the market and chose USANA Health Sciences because of their pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing practices, which is a higher standard than organic. What’s on the label is guaranteed to be in the bottle, and this is the only brand recommended by the well-known Dr. Christiane Northrup in her book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, as well as many other leading women’s health experts.

Become a fertile, pregnant, or wonder woman.


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Empower yourself in 21 days to ensure a healthy body, baby, & delivery



Balance your hormones & easily release weight in 28 days



14 day journey to banish stress & anxiety naturally

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