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You’re More Of A Leader Than You Think

Posted by on May 13, 2014 in Business, Events, Inspiration | 0 comments

  I used to think I wasn’t a leader. Whenever someone talked about “leadership” I assumed it didn’t concern me. I don’t have any employees, I work for myself, I’m not planning on starting a revolution any time soon.   Recently, I’ve realized being a leader means becoming internally aligned with your message, your purpose for being on the planet.   It means loving yourself and knowing that you are worthy to speak and be heard. It means being vulnerable and tough simultaneously. I know my purpose for being on this planet is to spread the message of women’s health and empowerment. If I could have my way, it would be...

My Favorite Spring Recipe: Omega Yogurt Berry Popsicles

Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Fertility, Nutrition, Pregnancy, Recipes | 0 comments

  Spring is quickly transitioning into summer here in Colorado–YAY!–and one of my all-time favorite snacks (and pregnant cravings) is yogurt, fresh berries and honey. I love this recipe that I found from Dale Pinnock’s book Healing Foods. He takes my favorite ingredients and makes them into simple, medicinal recipes that I often recommend to my friends and patients. Pinnock’s “Omega Mania Ice Lollies” are an excellent spring / summer treat to easily up your omega intake. Plus, this recipe includes my main criteria for a good recipe: no cooking. 😉   Why increase your omegas?   Omega fatty acids (like fish oil or flax seed oil) are wonderful...

Ignoring Your Calling? Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

Posted by on Apr 15, 2014 in Events, Fertility, Inspiration | 10 comments

  I just birthed a 5-year-old baby. Let me explain. For years, I have wanted to create some sort of online program that helped women get pregnant holistically. I wanted to include the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, modern wisdom of proper nutrition, as well as mental /emotional / spiritual preparation tools. FIVE years ago that I had this idea. Or was it six? A week ago, a group of incredible women completed my first Fertile Woman 21-Day Online Event and I had a thought eerily similar to the day my first daughter was born:  I can’t believe I made this. It’s funny because I see remnants of this...

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