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Drastically Improve Your Fertility Using This Little Known Method

Posted by on Jul 15, 2014 in Chinese Medicine, Fertility | 2 comments

  As an acupuncturist and women’s health specialist, I treat numerous infertility cases at my clinic where I almost always make recommendations to improve the digestion. Why improve the digestion to increase fertility? From a Chinese medicine perspective, your digestive health is reflective of the health of your Spleen Qi. Your Spleen Qi is responsible for holding a pregnancy, preventing miscarriage, producing enough blood to have regular cycles, and absorbing the proper nutrients to nourish an embryo. Women with weak Spleen Qi can suffer from fatigue, dizziness, nausea, low appetite, weight gain, lack of motivation, light or missing periods, spotting, PMS, irregular menses, and frequent miscarriage, among other symptoms....

In Defense Of Pink: How Embracing Your Femininity Can Prevent Disease

Posted by on Jun 7, 2014 in Feminism, Fertility, Motherhood, Personal Development | 0 comments

  I know you’re not supposed to call little girls princesses anymore, or even tell them they’re pretty or beautiful (lest they think they’re not smart). I know it’s not cool to overdo it where the color pink is concerned. It’s hip to be gender neutral. I get it. Well, today’s post is a plea for femininity. This plea that has more far reaching consequences than you might think, especially where your health is concerned. Having a little girl, with a second one on the way, I’ve become acutely aware of prejudices that exist in the world around gender stereotypes–particularly, the feminine ones.   I am a feminist. I’m...

Secrets Of A Successful Wellness Business Owner

Posted by on May 20, 2014 in Abundance, Business, Events | 0 comments

  I want to talk about a bit of a taboo subject in the health and wellness world:  money. Why do I want to talk about money? Because I believe that your health and your finances are inextricably linked. I also believe that we all need to learn how to make a comfortable income (with plenty of time to enjoy it) so we can live our purpose on this planet. The world needs it. Badly. I have a confession to make:  I only work three days a week (sometimes less) and I make a full-time income. But it wasn’t always that way. Five years ago, I was working full-time at my acupuncture clinic treating...

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