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The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need

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why I decided to create this program.



Picture this:


A wellness coach tells you exactly what and how to eat for 28 days, has the food shipped to your doorstep in all your favorite flavors, the highest quality supplements available on the market are in convenient little packs with your name on them (also shipped to your doorstep).

You eat five yummy snacks or meals a day, you have a group of people cheering you on every time you peek at your computer, you’re personal wellness coach sends you detailed lists of exactly what to buy at the grocery store and what to keep stocked in your kitchen, as well as what to order at restaurants and eat or drink at parties.

Meanwhile your skin clears up, your mood and energy improve, you sleep more soundly and weight naturally falls off, especially around your waist. You feel like yourself again, like you’re finally on the right track with the freedom to do the things you want to do.

You feel relieved that you found a solution to something that has been bothering you for years. You feel wonderful, proud of yourself, and powerful.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. And this could be you.

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your headaches, fatigue, allergies, chronic pain, eczema, digestive issues, bad PMS symptoms, or depression that has been nagging you for months and maybe even years, would finally go away if you simply knew how and had the motivation to eat correctly for your body? Or drank more water? Or took the right supplements?

I want to tell you that I have experienced all of those things at some point in my life, and now I don’t.

Through my years of schooling and clinical experience as an acupuncturist, what I keep coming back to is nutrition. I have seen the best and most dramatic results in my patients, myself, and my friends and family when significant nutritional improvements are made.

Hands down.

My program is not about dieting or taking medications to put a band-aid over your uncomfortable symptoms that you know are still there. It’s not about sending you home and wishing you good luck on a gluten-free diet, or telling you to “de-stress.”

The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need will give you the tools and motivation to change your habits and make a new routine stick. You will learn practical information and easy techniques to start incorporating healthier habits into your life from day one.


Here’s a sample of what you’ll get from this program:


  • Detox your body to sleep better, slim down, and achieve a glowing, radiant complexion.
  • Kick your carb and sugar cravings for good and feel better than ever.
  • Increase your energy and improve your immune health.
  • Lose 5-15lbs in 28 days and get healthy and slim.
  • Learn an easy weight-loss method without deprivation or starvation that will keep you slim for good.
  • Education and support to finally stop dieting and start living the healthy lifestyle you’ve been wanting.
  • 5-day RESET detox and cleanse (5 full days of food, no stimulants, no hunger).
  • 28-day supply of the number one rated multivitamin and fish oil in North America.
  • 28-day supply of healthy, delicious breakfast smoothies.
  • 28-day supply of yummy nutrition bar snacks.
  • Unlimited access to the online group forum for support and to connect with other participants for ideas and motivation.

Here’s how it works:


Your 28-day plan

Days 1-5 RESET Cleanse — Your first 5 days will consist of cleansing, or “resetting” the body with the 5-day RESET. This cleanse is done through food. No hunger, no stimulants or unhealthy junk.

Here’s how the 5-day RESET* works: Each day for 5 days you drink 3 delicious and filling shakes at mealtime, eat a yummy nutrition bar for both your morning and afternoon snacks, plus one serving of fruit and unlimited raw vegetables any time during the day. While on the RESET, you also drink eight to ten glasses of water and exercise moderately for 20-30 minutes per day. Those who want to lose weight may lose as much as 4-5 pounds on the RESET, and the fat comes off the waist first. But the most important result of the RESET is that it puts the body in a healthy state so that it is easier to make healthy food choices.

Days 6-28 — You will eat 5 healthy meals and snacks per day, including one delicious smoothie and one yummy nutrition bar. You can choose which meal and snack you replace with them. For example, a smoothie for breakfast, healthy low-glycemic snack, healthy low-glycemic lunch, yummy nutrition bar, healthy low-glycemic dinner.


Program Schedule + Weekly Video Content

New content will be released to you every Sunday of the program.

PREP WEEK – The week before you start the 5 Day RESET and full 28 Day program. You’ll gain access to the site the first Sunday before the program and have access to the prep week content. Tips, strategies, and ideas to jumpstart your RESET cleanse.

WEEK 1 – Understanding The Glycemic Index You’ll learn how your body responds to certain foods and the physiological triggers for cravings, and how to construct healthy, low-glycemic meals and snacks. Learn why diets don’t work, and how small changes in our daily choices can add up to big results.

WEEK 2 – How To Stay Healthy At Restaurants, Parties, Happy Hours & During Travel You will learn how to keep your healthy lifestyle no matter where or what situation you are in, such as the best options to choose at restaurants, in airports and at social gatherings.

WEEK 3 – Understanding Inflammation + Exercise and Proper Supplementation Learn why moderate exercise and proper supplementation are the keys to being your best self. You don’t have to be a gym-rat to look and feel great, just follow a few easy guidelines to keep your body in check.

WEEK 4 – Your New Healthy Lifestyle! You will learn how to easily continue your new healthy lifestyle on your own to achieve your health goals.


How do I know if this program is right for me?


This program is perfect for you if:

  • You always feel too tired or drained to exercise or cook healthy meals on a consistent basis.
  • Your work schedule makes it difficult to maintain a routine so you constantly feel out of balance.
  • You have chronic health issues that won’t go away no matter what kind of treatment or therapy you try.
  • You already eat pretty well and feel pretty good, but you’d like to eat and feel GREAT.
  • You’re someone who does better with the support of a coach or a group of people holding you accountable and cheering you on.
  • You’ve tried dieting and it worked, but you were starving the whole time and it wasn’t a lifestyle you could sustain.
  • You’ve tried dieting and it didn’t work.
  • You sense there’s more to feeling good and losing weight than just “dieting.”


This program is not for you if:

  • You don’t like to push yourself or try new things.
  • You think you already know all there is to know about diet and nutrition.
  • You don’t want to be healthy.
  • You are highly allergic to wheat, gluten, dairy and soy. (I can most likely accomodate you having one or two of these allergies, but having all four will be problematic for this particular program.)


What if I don’t like cleanses and I’m afraid to do one?


Join the club! I have never been a fan or advocate of cleanses. In fact, I think I would literally vanish into thin air if I ever did one of those all-liquid deals where all you eat is lemon and cayenne pepper for weeks! Definitely not for me.

The 5-day RESET, on the other hand, is only 5 days and you are eating all major food groups every 2-3 hours. The goal of this “cleanse” is actually to balance your blood sugar, not starve your body. If you feel hungry or light-headed, simply eat another nutrition bar, have another shake, or eat a handful of nutritious veggies.

I was amazed at how I felt during the 5-day RESET. I had tons of energy, I was able to think clearly and I felt emotionally even keel the entire time. (Also, my period was a breeze. Sorry, gents.)


Ok Josie, how much does it cost already?


When you add up a month’s supply of pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements, enough balanced and nutritions shakes and bars to eat for 23 days and do a 5-day cleanse, having 24-hour access to a supportive community that’s experiencing the exact same program you are, 4 weeks worth of educational videos and handouts, The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need is valued at well over $1,000.

I’m offering it to you for only $399. And not only will you gain all the benefits of the program, but you’ll save money on your grocery and food bills, too. In total, that’s 43 meal replacement smoothies and 38 snacks included in the cost of the program! How’s that for a deal?


How do I sign up?


Click Here To Register


But wait, there’s one more thing!


In addition to everything I’ve mentioned, as an extra bonus you will get:

  • Pdf downloads including detailed grocery shopping lists, low glycemic snack and meal recipes and more.
  • Lifetime access to the educational videos, pdf downloads and the The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need group forum.
  • Lifestyle Bonuses! A collection of videos and handouts by industry experts on health & wellness topics not covered during the 28-day program, including healthy skincare, healthy kids, workout videos, and other fun goodies. These bonuses will be released at the end of the program.


There you have it! My nutrition program in a nutshell. Or web page.


If you feel this program is right for you, I would absolutely LOVE to work with you and help you get your life to a place where you feel happy, healthy and thriving. I believe that everyone has the ability and deserves to live a full life experience. And I believe that excellent nutrition is the quickest, easiest and most sustainable way to do it. :-)


To your health,

Josie Bouchier L.Ac.


P.S. If you don’t do this program, what steps will you take to be healthier and happier? Do you want to be in the same place you are now in one month from now? What will not taking this program cost you? More stress, more wear and tear on your body? A full life experience? Don’t wait to take control of your health. You deserve to feel your best right now.


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Hear what past participants have to say about 

The Only Nutrition Program You’ll Ever Need:


Sandy Dills, 56, retired
Sandy Dills, 56, retired Littleton, CO

I lost 12 lbs. and 12 inches during the 28 days, 5 of those inches lost from my waist and ab area. I was starting to buy size 18 clothes and now I can fit into my size 16 clothing. I just put on a pair of capris that I hadn’t been able to wear since last summer.

I am much happier; I don’t miss my morning coffee; I don’t need any caffeine or sugar energy boosts during the day. I can almost feel my cells heaving a sigh of relief that they are not being fed junk food and fast food all the time. And the best part – I don’t really want that kind of food any more.

I loved everything — especially the science behind the program. I like knowing why something works — it’s not magic and it’s not drugs. The program is based on how the body works. I’m not usually a group person, but enjoyed the forum and the conference calls more than I thought I would.

Before beginning the program, I was experiencing shortness of breath, swelling and numbness or tingling in my feet, and sometimes I could feel my heart working. These symptoms were quite concerning, but they have disappeared. I look at food so differently now — I can eat less and still feel full!! I can cook at home more and eat out less — it’s not only better for my health, it is better for my pocket book!! When you know the science behind how and why your body stores fat and what you need to do to help it release fat cells, it’s amazing how fast & easy it can do that on it’s own without hours in the gym or starvation!!

You have given us so much information with tips and examples of how to put it all into practice. I never thought I could eliminate sugar from my diet — it seemed too complicated. I never thought I could cook healthy meals without that being complicated. I was beginning to think I never could lose weight again. You have presented a simple, effective program, not only for losing weight, but for overall wellness!!

It works; it’s natural; it’s user friendly!! You have set up a fantastic program and you are the best teacher and cheerleader!!

Jann Gest, 59, Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor
Jann Gest, 59, Red Cross CPR/First Aid Instructor Aurora, CO

I had tons of reservations; the cost, the worry that it might not work for me, concern that I would not be able to enjoy meals with my husband while on the program, worry that I would be too hungry to stick with it, that I might have to give up so many foods that I would feel deprived and find it too difficult stay on the program long enough to see progress.

I lost over 6 pounds in the first 5 days – during the reset phase- and a total of 12.5 pounds for the full 28 daysI am comfortably wearing shorts that I was unable to zip 30 days ago. My face looks thinner and people are noticing and commenting on how nice I look.

I love the ease of making a smoothie, dropping a snack bar into my purse and getting on with my day. I learned how to pull together a quick easy meal in minutes. I like that any questions posed either on the support forum or by e-mail were addressed quickly. I like the supplement packages – especially because they were easy ready access and marked for am/pm which helped me tell if I’d remembered them. The forum allowed me to feel a connection with others who were going through the program at the same time.

Indeed I have benefited and am continuing to benefit from doing this program. I had felt constant hunger for as long as I could remember but this program changed that for me. I feel that this is a lifestyle I can sustain and enjoy.

I totally see myself living this way forever. Success on this program is something I would expect for anyone who tried it.

A giant thank you for changing my life in such a positive way! This has been one of the best experiences of my life.

Maggie Ragatz, Certified Rolfer
Maggie Ragatz, Certified Rolfer Central California

We are on the last day of the RESET and feeling fantastic. No 3:00pm lull, no lowered energy while exercising, feeling more refreshed in the mornings. Wahoo! I love feeling less panicked about food and more calm and confident when making food choices. The shakes and bars tasted yummy–which I totally wasn’t expecting! I really enjoyed eating them. Learning about the glycemic index has been really empowering, and I’m so glad that I did.

Beth Dills, 32, Project Manager
Beth Dills, 32, Project Manager Aurora, CO

My hesitations about enrolling were mainly about the upfront cost and wondering if it would really work. When I stopped to analyze the cost I realized it wasn’t bad considering how many meals and snacks were provided, not to mention the supplements.

Over the 28 days I lost almost 9 pounds and approximately 13 inches. I did drop one clothing size and I have friends and co-workers that have mentioned that my skin is now glowing!

My energy level has definitely improved, before the program I was using caffeine all the time and now I only have an occasional green tea and that is not for the caffeine. I have had much better focus and drive at work and, ultimately, simply feel better all the way around.

I really think the whole program is fantastic. How nice to find a product where the shakes and bars actually taste good! The supplements definitely work and cost me less than what I was paying when I was buying everything separately at the store. The videos and handouts were excellent and it was nice to receive only what you needed each week so you didn’t feel overwhelmed.

I feel like this program has gotten me back on track with my overall health – it has me eating better and in a way that I feel I can sustain long-term, I am exercising regularly again and I am focusing on my general well-being. I think this may be one of the simplest yet comprehensive programs I have ever found!

It is not a diet of magic pills and/or lists of food I can never eat again, I don’t have to calculate points or count calories, and it makes sense on a scientific and health perspective.

Without a doubt. It has been such a positive, life-changing experience.

Danielle Yorgy, 25, RN
Danielle Yorgy, 25, RN www.mindfulnutritionforlife.com

I was a little concerned that this was going to be highly restrictive, un-maintainable diet program that would swing me back into binging because it was too rigid.

My belly doesn’t pop out anymore! My jeans slide on easier, and I don’t have that heavy, bloated feeling AT ALL. My skin has been exceptional and over and over I have been asked what I am doing to look so vibrant.

I am sleeping well, emotionally even, and full of energy. The Only Nutrition Program’s eating plan has completely eliminated the mood swings that have been a much disliked part of me for as long as I can remember. 

I love that the program was self-paced each week and I never felt the stress of needing to make a meeting at a specific time. It allowed me the freedom to reap all the benefits of the program on my own time, and in my own home. Josie did a wonderful job making an online program feel very community-like and connected. I felt very supported on the forum, and Josie is always prompt in response to questions and concerns. The food is delicious and SO convenient — I’m hooked!

I have always known that sugar and alcohol make me feel less than my best, but this program made it so easy to highly reduce or eliminate them from my diet that I finally saw that it is a maintainable lifestyle change for me. I see so clearly how much better my body feels, how much more calm and at ease my emotions are, and a huge improvement in my sleep and energy that I can’t imagine going back.

There were so many great tools that Josie shared and I continue to refer back to them often. I am excited to stay in touch on the forum and continue to receive Lifestyle bonuses!

It has been such a positive, empowering experience for me, I want nothing more than for those I love to feel the same about their own health and body.

Elizabeth Fox
Elizabeth Fox Littleton, CO
I’m down a total of 11.5 lbs thus far, 8 to go to reach my goal. My 6-month-old has recently decided that napping is for losers, which means my exercise time has been compromised a bit. But, I’m feeling awesome with lots of energy, all things considered!!!!!
Lisa Rundall, Jewelry designer/metalsmith
Lisa Rundall, Jewelry designer/metalsmith www.LSRjewelry.com
I highly recommend this program! I didn’t have a ton of weight to lose, it was more about losing the bad habits of mindless and emotional eating. What I liked best about the program was the education. I feel like I have a new way of life, instead of a diet that isn’t sustainable.
Desiree Shoefelt, 33
Desiree Shoefelt, 33 Denver, CO

I was worried that this was just “another program” that I wouldn’t see results from.

I’ve experienced so many changes since starting the program. My best friend was a bottle of pepto before I started the program, and I can happily say that I have no stomach issues, before, during or after I eat! My skin now has an even tone, that I barely need to wear any makeup. I have more energy and overall, I just feel healthy and well.

I loved everything about the program! From the personal support from Josie, to the convenient and easy nutrition plan. The fact that this isn’t about depriving yourself, it’s about learning to better yourself in all aspects of your life.

This has been the only program I’ve ever stayed on and will continue to stay on and implement as a part of my every day life. I love that I don’t have my cravings, I don’t think about food 24/7, I’m not exhausted all day long. The best thing has been just feeling great every day!

Josie has given me all the tools to continue to succeed to my healthy goal weight and then to maintain that weight. Love that fact that we’re always members of the program and I love knowing that she’s there if I ever have a set back or questions.

The program changed my life and I want others to feel as amazing as I do!

After 28 days I can happily say I’m off the heartburn medicine, I’m no longer nauseous, no more headaches and I’ve started losing the stubborn weight that I thought would never go away, my energy levels have skyrocketed and I feel amazing!

I will continue to implement all the tools and information that Josie taught me. For the first time in my life, I feel confident that I will reach my weight loss goals!

Thank you Josie!

Javram Ciel-Tilton
Javram Ciel-Tilton Denver, CO
I can’t believe I actually feel full. The other day I tried having a ‘normal’ breakfast and I noticed a huge difference right away. The smoothies really do work to keep my blood sugar balanced so I’m not ravenously hungry for the rest of the day.
Jennifer Porcher
Jennifer Porcher Arroyo Grande, CA
I am loving the program. My fear is that I will burnout with the smoothie options, because I am thinking I want to do this for life! I am feeling great and can’t believe that I don’t get hungry or have cravings. I can turn things away so easily! So exciting. Thank you!
Christine Yorgy, 28, Server/Bartender
Christine Yorgy, 28, Server/Bartender Denver, CO
I finished the RESET and feel so good. It exceeded my expectations and I lost 11 pounds!!! I have tried every possible diet in the past, including Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, counting calories, and I have never felt this good. I lost weight (temporarily) on Weight Watchers but I was not eating healthy. I ate junk all the time that did not make me feel good and just made me hungrier. No wonder I didn’t keep it off. It is so nice not to have to constantly calculate points or count calories, I feel like I don’t have to obsess over it to stick with it. I was surprised how easy it was to stick to it. Thanks so much.
Larry Grimm, 62, Presbyterian Minister
Larry Grimm, 62, Presbyterian Minister Denver, CO
I lost 12 lbs, my sciatica pain diminished, and I took in two notches on my belt. I have an increased sense of well being, my energy level is even and constant through the day, not up and down swings as before. I have been near diabetic until this shift in my nutrition program. I am now understanding on a cellular level the simple idea of health and well-being. I am feeling satisfied and at the same time convinced I am receiving nutrition I have heretofore not received. Will I live longer? Perhaps not, but I will live more vitally.
Laurel Bouchier, 60, Acupuncturist / Yoga Teacher
Laurel Bouchier, 60, Acupuncturist / Yoga Teacher Denver, CO
I thought I would feel like I was deprived. But my first experience with taking the smoothies and the bars was actually not feeling hungry at all and being stuck in old habits of thinking I should be eating more (except I wasn’t hungry!!) It works great for me to have a smoothie and the bar in the middle of the day, my busy time when I don’t want to prepare anything, but need the balanced meal. Also, the supplements are excellent and I like the way they are sorted out into packets, which makes it so much easier than having 20 different bottles in the cupboard and hoping to remember to take everything. Josie’s program is excellent. She covers all aspects of healthy weight loss, good nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle. She has created an easy to follow program and it really works. I felt better after just three days and lost 4 pounds during the RESET. I feel lighter, more energetic, and my body is happy. The support forum and weekly Q&A calls are a wonderful addition to the program, which made me feel connected to others who are doing the same thing & can share recipes, experiences, etc. I definitely recommend this program. 

Michelle, 39, Program Director for a non-profit
Michelle, 39, Program Director for a non-profit Denver, CO
I feel a lot better, less sluggish. My favorite part of the program were the smoothies & bars. In 4 months, I’ve lost 30 pounds and gone from a size 14 to a size 8. It is a lot easier to make healthy choices when you know more about food. And, the shakes and bars makes things very easy when you are on the run. I would recommend this program and have. My husband is doing it now, too. He’s lost 20 pounds.

Sheila White, 52, RN, BSN, CCM
Sheila White, 52, RN, BSN, CCM Westminster, CO
 I feel great today. I still can’t quite believe that in the evenings I’m not craving chocolate and waking up at night with heartburn from too much chocolate or fatty foods and reaching for the Maalox. That has been my most difficult challenge for years with any food plan change I have tried to make. I honestly never believed that I could eat a nutritionally sound diet. I’ve always wanted to, but the (multiple) food plans I have tried on my own did not eliminate the cravings as this one has. My eating habits have completely changed. That is huge. I always thought “I’ll never be able to be like them” (the folks that I saw eating healthy food). Yes, I’m a little tenuous about it and still in a bit of shock. But now I think I really can do it! Thank you for this program Josie!!

Andrea Holt, 26, bartender/server
Andrea Holt, 26, bartender/server Edgewater, CO
My skin cleared up, I have less bloating, my energy went up, overall mood evened out, PMS moodiness lessened, focus and memory improved, mental fog lessened, and my depression lessened. The smoothies and bars were very good, the information from the videos was very helpful, the grocery list and handouts I still use and refer back to. I learned a ton about healthy eating and how to take care of myself. What I liked the best was that, once I had been eating well for a couple of weeks, it was so obvious that I felt so much better, and that made me want to keep eating healthy instead of go back to how I had been eating before. I also pride myself in knowing quite a bit about nutrition before I started this program, and I still learned so much. The program was a wealth of information and it was the kickstart I needed to start a new healthy lifestyle. I recommend this program because I want the people I love to feel good and understand the life changing benefits of eating healthy. I have started incorporating what I have learned into my daughter’s eating habits as well. I really appreciate the knowledge that was passed on to me through this program. I love the supplements, the smoothies and bars, and most importantly how I feel. Thank you Josie, it’s been a life changing experience!

Christina Slichter, 37, technical writer Denver, CO
Being diagnosed with MS in November 2011 made me feel as though I no longer had control over my body. This program has not only made me feel better about the things I eat, but changing my eating has also significantly reduced my nerve pain and has given me the energy I need for my daily life. I’m now off of my nerve pain medication, and feel better than I did while on it. Before starting, I was afraid that this program would limit the types of foods I could eat and that I would miss and crave those foods. I am happy to note that, while I did cut out a lot of my favorite foods, I don’t miss any of it. So far, I’ve lost 10lbs, 1-3/4″ in my waist and 4-1/4″ in my hips. The videos and handouts, coupled with the calls really helped me to know which choices I were making were good, and which weren’t. For me, the biggest thing is that I can control what I’m eating, I can feel satisfied, and the things that I am now doing are only going to continue to make me feel even better. I have the tools I need to continue to move in the right direction. That, along with the general better feeling I have about my body will keep me on the program. My friends and family see the difference it’s made for me and have been very supportive of the changes I’ve made. I do believe that countless other people could benefit from this program.

Elise Peterson, 34, RN, BSN, MPH
Elise Peterson, 34, RN, BSN, MPH Denver, CO
I lost 8 pounds, my clothes fit better, and I feel better overall. My mind, spirit, and emotions have been much better. I printed the handouts and took the shopping list to the grocery store and it helped a great deal. I absolutely love the chocolate and strawbeery smoothies—they are to die for and I was so surprised how much I would like them and carry on with this in the future. I had big revelations that I like supplements and believe that a healthier lifestyle is centered around good food, exercise, and mental well being. I will access the videos again for sure, I printed out the handouts and refer to them a lot! This program was beneficial for changing the way I eat and think about food and really opened my eyes to so many things. I found the RESET to be a perfect balance of getting me out of my ‘comfort zone.’ This program changed my eating habits, how I view myself, my health, my wealth of a being a whole person. Exceptional job, Josie!

Yancy Z. Green Denver, CO
Financially I was hesitant, but I realized how much I was spending on lunch and breakfast on my work days, and I actually saved money using these products. I lost 7 pounds, and I have more energy for sure. I love the smoothies. The videos and the handouts were excellent. I’m very happy with the supplements also. I lost some weight, which was my main goal, but I feel benefitted by learning how to eat better as a whole. I have recommended this program to people already.

Chris Holt, 57 Aurora, CO
My hesitations were giving up eating the way I was used to and having to take time and think about what I was putting into my body. I’ve lost a few pounds and my skin looks better. I have more energy and just an overall good feeling most of the time. My favorite part of the program were the smoothies and bars. I also loved the videos and handouts. I feel much better and like the way I am eating. I feel healthier. I think this is a wonderful program and have learned so much from it.

Rachel M., 44, small business owner Denver, CO
I have lost about 10 pounds, which was not a goal for me, but certainly an added benefit! I feel way more balanced and even throughout the day. I have tried some new foods and recipes and loved them! Plus, the shakes in the morning are the best!


Have more than 15 lbs to lose? No problem. I’ll adjust your program for a minimal extra cost.

*Typical results are 4 lbs in 5 days. Results will vary. As with any health or fitness program, a sensible eating plan and regular exercise are required to achieve long-term weight loss results. The RESET 5-day weight-management system is food, not a drug.

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