My Favorite Resources For Baby’s First Year


As a follow-up to My Favorite Pregnancy Resources From Bras To Apps, and as an answer to the many questions I get from patients and friends, here are my favorite resources for baby’s first year! Our little girl turned one in August (see cute pic above), and as you know, I am a research fanatic + women’s health specialist + blogger, which equals awesome free advice for you. 🙂

Please bookmark and share this post with other new moms in your life — they will thank you, and so will I. And feel free to add your favorite resources in the comments below.



Post Delivery

Comfy jammies that are breastfeeding friendly (i.e. loose or a wrap top that easily opens), slippers and robe. You will live in them — splurge. Or get two pair.

Hospital disposable undies — stock up while you’re there! Whether you have a Cesarian or vaginal birth, hospital underwear feel like wearing little clouds. I was so sad when mine ran out.

A 6 or 12 pack of generic, don’t-care-about, cotton underwear. Just trust me on this one.

Fresh green cabbage — reduces swelling all over the body and cools hot tender breasts when your milk comes in. Just peel off two leaves and put them on your boobs, mermaid style. You can re-cool them in the fridge and use them again.



Kelly Mom — Best breastfeeding website ever, with tons of sanity-saving information.

Bamboobies –“Like cashmere sweaters for your boobs.” One of my favorite taglines ever.

Bravado nursing bra So much better than the cheapies at Target.

Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream

Traditional Medicinal’s Mother’s Milk tea This tea worked wonders for increasing and maintaining my milk supply, plus I love the taste.

Immortal Palace — This is my acupuncture clinic (shameless plug) and I can help stimulate your milk production if it’s low, as well as help you recover from giving birth and address any other uncomfortable symptoms you may be experiencing.

USANA Health Sciences — USANA’s pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplements are excellent for producing quality breast milk.

Clean Up Your Diet™ — Another shameless plug, this is a wonderful online nutrition program that I host a few times a year that is safe for pregnant and breast feeding women. According to Chinese medicine, your breast milk comes from the food you eat. It’s essential to clean up your diet to produce enough and high quality breast milk.



Halo swaddle blankets — Swaddling is kind of an art. These are idiot proof.

White noise machine — I used the one from HoMedics and I loved the projector function after 6 months or so. For portability (and cuteness) I loved the Sleep Sheep.

Arms reach co-sleeper

Cradle that is slightly inclined and easily portable — This one was wonderful for the first 5 or 6 months, when I would want our daughter nearby while she napped. And I loved hooking the Sleep Sheep to it. It was also great for weekend getaways. (Okay, one weekend getaway.)

The No Cry Sleep Solution


Baby Wearing

Moby Wrap — I’ve had so many friends and patients tell me that they loved the idea of a Moby Wrap, but couldn’t figure out how to wrap it successfully. To those people I always send these easy-to-follow videos and encourage them — don’t give up! Wearing my daughter in the Moby felt like being pregnant again, and sometimes it was (and still is) the absolute only thing that would calm her down. Don’t know what I would have done without it.

Maya sling for errands and quick on and off situations. Especially great for the older child that loves to be carried everywhere. And much easier to slip out of when transitioning her to the bed.



Honest Company — Monthly diaper delivery service, disposable and biodegradable (love!).

Earth Mama Angel Baby bottom balm



Puj baby tub — For 0-6 months, love that it can hang flat when you’re done with it!

Puj faucet cover — Need this now that our little one is bathing in the big tub. It’s like her head is a magnet to our big, sharp faucet.

Angel Baby Earth Mama baby body wash, baby lotion, baby oil — Though we didn’t start using soaps, lotions and oils until she was a few months old. Before that, just water, and only occasionally.



Country Save detergent — Gentle, non-toxic, lasts forever even with more laundry loads.

How to get out baby poop stains: Soak immediately for 1-3 hours or overnight, scrub stain with brush, wash as usual. You’re welcome. 🙂



Spoons dipped in ice water for teething (great at restaurants!) Side note: Go out to eat as often as possible in the first 6 months. Especially if it’s your first child. They will never sit still like that again.

Amber teething necklace — Amber resin is a mild analgesic (pain reliever), that we use in Chinese Medicine. When worn on the skin, micro amounts of resin will enter the body through the baby’s skin via body heat. It works wonders!

Pediatric Chinese herbal teething formula from Blue Poppy — Ask your acupuncturist to order it for you.



Baby Led Weaning book and cook book — I had no idea that pureed baby food was totally unnecessary and a thing of the past. What I love most about this technique is that it’s less stressful and way more fun and empowering for baby.

High chair that clamps onto the table, like this one, which can later be used as a booster seat. These are wonderful because they take up less space and don’t have a footprint.



The Baby Book by Dr. Sears (except ignore the feeding section and replace with BLW)

The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears — Ah, the eternal debate.

Happiest Baby on the Block — Swaddling, swinging, shushing, sucking. If you don’t know what those mean, get this book immediately.

The No Cry Sleep Solution

Baby Love by Robin Barker — This book and the next one are recommended to me by my best friend who is a physician and mom of two. Robin Barker is a registered nurse-midwife, and they look fantastic! I am going to order them both, as soon as I finish this blog post. 🙂

The Mighty Toddler by Robin Barker



Fleece squares like these ones — Use on newborn bums with warm water instead of prepackaged wipes, use for wiping runny noses if they get sick instead of tissues, great for cleaning up after eating, and as wash clothes for bath time. Probably the most versatile thing we bought!

Cloth diapers are great for spit up or leaky boobs because they are so absorbent.

The Snot Sucker (Bulbs suck. Or, rather, they don’t and that’s the problem.)


Denver Resources

Tami Wilson Photography — Tami specializes in photographing newborns, and her work is simply amazing. She also photographs older children and does family sessions, as well as maternity. Here is the one year session of our daughter. If you’re in Denver, I can’t recommend Tami highly enough!!

Dr. Bryan Kono / Highlands Integrative Pediatrics — Dr. Kono is totally wonderful. I have been so impressed with him and his staff.

Giggling Green Bean — One of the best baby stores in Denver, and THE place to get cloth diapers and free classes on cloth diapering, as well as other topics.

The Mama’hood — An absolutely essential resource and community for new mamas and mamas-to-be. Co-founded by Amanda Ogden, lactation specialist extraordinaire, to whom I have sent many of my patients. Here you can attend Baby Led Weaning Group (introducing solid foods to your baby), Sleep Support Group (how to get your baby sleeping through the night in a way that works for you and your family), and many more. Click here for the full list of offerings at The Mama’hood.


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