My Experience With Marie Forleo’s B-School: The Scariest and Best Decision I Ever Made


It’s that time of year… B-School is open for enrollment!

I like to think of myself as a B-School pioneer because I was in Marie’s very first B-School class. I think there were 100 people, give or take, in the program.

Fast forward to today, thousands of people have gone through B-School and Marie was just interviewed by OPRAH! (If you missed that gem, here it is.)

Needless to say, Marie Forleo’s B-School completely blew my mind when I first took it 3 years ago.


Fresh out of acupuncture school, I was frustrated with my lack of business savvy, and it showed in my bank account and patient load.


After stumbling upon Marie’s website, I got to know her through her blog and friendly emails. When she opened Rich, Happy and Hot B-School (as it was called then) with Laura Roeder I hoped I had found the help I was looking for and I just prayed that it wasn’t too expensive.

When the shopping cart opened to register, I was relieved that it was under $5,000, because honestly, that’s how much it seemed like it should cost.


I boldly whipped out my credit card and signed up right away. And then I freaked out.


What was I doing spending money when what I really needed was to MAKE money? Didn’t I just graduate from school, do I really need to do MORE? What if this program totally sucks and I just hiked up my credit card debt?

Then two magical things happened. 1) Marie emphasized her awesome money-back guarantee that set my mind at ease.


2) I made the entire cost of the tuition back and then some using a technique she taught me in one of the free — yes, free — B-School launch videos before the program even started!


From that moment on, I was a total convert.

Throughout the 8 week program, I learned how to build my own website here (I had never built a website before), how to stick my flag in the sand and figure out exactly who my business was serving, how to craft marketing emails and sales pages, how to blog for my business, how to build a mailing list and then what to do with it, how to create offerings that make people *yearn* to buy them.


But, the most important thing I learned was how to LOVE marketing.


I really love it. And I never thought in a million years I would ever say that. But I do.

And I’ll say this, if you want to work for yourself, make money and enjoy doing it, you simply have to love marketing.


(Pssst. There’s a secret about marketing that you’ll learn in B-School… marketing is just communication!)


Since completing B-School 3 years ago, I have launched two other businesses! My online nutrition program here, and my business mentoring program here.

I feel incredibly fortunate to be running such successful businesses and eternally grateful to Marie and Laura for nurturing my entrepreneurial spirit into a full-fledged marketing love machine!

Marie only runs B-School once a year, so if you’re thinking about it, DO IT.


Trust me, you won’t get this kind of genius business training anywhere else.


Registration closes March 4th.

As a proud affiliate for her program, I would be tickled pink if you used my link to register below.

Sign Me Up For B-School!


And please let me know if you sign up! I would love to create a Mastermind group of people who are going through the program and that way we can all ask questions and inspire each other.

One of the amazing things about B-School is that once you sign up you get lifetime access to the program, so I can’t wait to go through it again.


The skills I learned are timeless and keep my business flourishing as it evolves.


To B-School, Marie and Laura, and your unlimited success!

See you in the program. 🙂



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