Low Libido? Expressing Anger Can Help

The majority of the women I work with say they have low libido when they first come to see me.

One of the reasons I believe low sex drive is so common among women is that we are not encouraged or taught how to express anger in a healthy way. Or, really, at all.

Women are generally expected to be nice, polite, and accommodating. So, what happens when we accumulate stress, resentment, and anger in our minds and bodies? Where does all that energy go?

When there are emotions that are not dealt with, like anger, fear, sadness, etc., sexual pleasure can touch those feelings. The body knows sometimes the easiest thing to do is not access those feelings at all, and the result is little to no sex drive.

Low libido becomes a coping mechanism, an unconscious way of protecting yourself emotionally.

Expressing and processing your emotions, specifically anger, can help get you back in touch with your essence and vulnerability, where your true power and sexual nature live.

From a Chinese medicine point of view, this means unblocking your Liver Qi and restoring communication between the Heart and Kidneys.

Some possible signs of blocked Liver Qi (i.e. unexpressed anger and stress), include things like endometriosis, migraines, inability to take a deep breath, frequent sighing, acne, waking up hot between 1-3am, and PMS.

Watch today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday to find out how expressing anger can unblock the flow of energy between your Heart and Kidney Qi, and some practical tips on how to do it, thus resulting in higher libido and increased ability to conceive.

Madonna had it right all along–express yourself! 😉


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Much love and gratitude.

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