Instantly Increase Abundance In Your Life Using This Fun Game

Have you ever wanted to increase the flow of money or abundance into your life? Do you want to expand your creativity? This exercise will help you do both and it’s super fun and easy!

Excerpted from one of my favorite books of all time, Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “The Prosperity Game” is one my husband and I recently tried and loved.

If you’re feeling discouraged about your money situation, this will make you feel better instantly.


Oftentimes I realize that my interpretation of my money situation has nothing to do with my actual money situation. One day I will feel incredibly prosperous and abundant,  and the next day — usually after paying bills — I will suddenly feel broke and discouraged even though nothing has drastically changed with my income and expenses.

Money is just another form of energy, a representation of how we allow abundance in our lives. @josiebouchier

Here’s exactly how to improve your feelings about money and increase abundance in your life:


1) Obtain a blank check register and some old checks that don’t belong to an account anymore. Or, you can make your own checks. It’s important that writing these checks feels as real to you as possible.

2) Make a $1,000 deposit in your account.

3) Spend it! Write one or several checks to spend $1,000 and be specific in the “memo” portion of the check what it’s for.

4) The next day (or later that day, there are no rules after all!) make another deposit for $2,000.

5) Spend it again!

6) On the third day, deposit $3,000, on the fourth day, deposit $4,000, etc. When you reach day 100, deposit $100,000, and so on. Try doing this everyday for a year and watch how your attitude shifts about money, and what flows into your life as a result.

After a few deposits, you will realize that you really have to expand your imagination in order to spend so much money!


“By writing the checks, using your imagination, writing the memos, focusing as you write, and feeling no resistance as you write the checks because there is no fear of overspending, you will achieve what is necessary in the achievement of anything:  You will have made a statement of desire while you are in the state of non-resistance, or better said, in the state of allowing.” ~Esther Hicks


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To your prosperity!






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