Improve Your Digestion With These 3 Simple Tips

Welcome to Whole Woman Wednesday! Today’s topic is improving your digestion.

In Chinese medicine, digestion is the main indicator that determines the state of your overall health. Many times, improving your health (or fertility, or immune system, or mood) starts with improving your digestion.

A healthy digestion means that you don’t get gas, bloating, heartburn or feel sluggish after a meal, but rather feel energized and satiated. It also means having 2-3 well-formed bowel movements per day.

When your digestive fires are burning at the optimal level, meaning your digestion is strong, you don’t experience strong cravings that aren’t good for you, like sweets, and greasy, fried foods, and you are able to easily maintain a healthy weight.

From a mental/emotional standpoint, a weak digestion in Chinese medicine means that you tend to worry, obsess, or overthink, and find it difficult to get moving, either physically or metaphorically.

If any of this sounds familiar, today’s episode is for you!

Click play above to learn my three favorite Chinese medicine tricks you can easily do at home to improve your digestion. (And watch till the end to see some silly outtakes.)

NOTE: All of the tips in today’s video are safe during pregnancy and for kiddos, with the exception of honey, which should not be given to infants under one year old.

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