Try This Game-Changing New Year’s Ritual


Over the past few years I have developed a New Year’s ritual that has helped me accomplish some of my biggest goals. I have shared this ritual with with patients, friends and family with wonderful results reported back to me. I hope it will help you reach your biggest goals, intentions, and dreams, too.


Josie’s New Year’s Ritual


1) Get a blank piece of paper or spiral notebook. Take about 10-15 mins and write down the highlights of the past year. What did you accomplish? What happened to you? Where did you go? Who came into your life? What lessons or skills did you learn?


2) Sit quietly for a moment and let your heart fill with gratitude for all the positive things that occurred in the past year.


3) Now, briefly take into account some of the things that didn’t go as planned or as well as you would have liked and ask yourself, “What did this experience teach me and how can I apply what I learned to the upcoming year?” (Be very kind to yourself in this step and don’t ruminate for too long :-))


4) Perform a satisfying act of letting go. For example, write down the negative experiences or old beliefs that don’t serve you anymore and crumple up the paper, tear it up, or light it on fire (safely!) while silently or out loud offering a blessing such as, “I bless and release you.”


5) Ahhh, doesn’t that feel lighter? Now open up a blank piece of paper — I love a clean slate! — and with a clear mind and grateful heart write down your new set of goals and intentions for the upcoming year.


6) Next, for each goal or intention write down the answers to these questions, “What are the steps I will take to reach this goal?” and “What am I willing to give up to reach this goal?”


NOTE: I find it useful to break down my yearly goals into weekly, monthly and quarterly goals and examine why I want to reach these goals or set these intentions. Your “why” is your most powerful motivator. 😉


Happy New Year to you, lovely reader. I hope this ritual helps to make next year your best yet!


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