Trying To Conceive? Eat These 3 Fertility Superfoods

Today’s episode of Whole Woman Wednesday answers a question I get a lot:  Are there any magic foods I can eat that will help me get pregnant?

Well, yes, and here they are!

And they are probably not what you think.

The first fertility superfood I mention in today’s video is flax seed. Watch my short six minute episode to find out why flax plays such an important role in creating optimal hormone balance for fertility.

A couple caveats with flax… It must be fresh and it must be ground.

Make sure to refrigerate your flax seeds, and buy them refrigerated (not off the shelf) because the flax oils can go rancid.

To grind flax seeds, you can use a coffee grinder or a spice grinder. I have a coffee grinder just for the purpose of grinding seeds, since I don’t drink coffee. But, if you do drink coffee, you can grind a few pieces of bread crust to clean out the coffee grounds.

Also, if you have a sensitivity to eggs, or if you’re avoiding eggs for any reason, you can substitute ground flax seeds soaked in water in baking recipes. The basic ratio is 1 Tbsp ground flax and 3 Tbsp water to replace one egg. Let it sit until it becomes gelatinous in texture, and then add it to your baking recipes as you would an egg.

You won’t want to miss my second fertility superfood recommendation, whether or not you’re trying to get pregnant. I’ll give you a hint:  It boosts something that rhymes with “torpedo.” 😉

No hints for the third one, I’ve already given too much away. Also, I’ve discovered that red nail polish is super distracting. Lol!

As I mention in today’s video, if you’re interested in learning more about how to naturally boost your fertility and increase your chances of conceiving, my next group session is coming up soon for my most popular online program, Fertile Woman. Click below for details.

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Thanks for watching, and thank you for taking steps to heal yourself so that together we can heal the world.

Much love and gratitude.

See you next Wednesday! XO


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