My Favorite Pregnancy Resources From Bras to Apps


By popular demand, I’m finally posting all of my favorite pregnancy resources in one place! (Click here to read My Favorite Resources For Baby’s First Year.) As a health care practitioner that specializes in women’s health, I did tons of research while I was pregnant to find the best of the best resources to help me through my journey and to be of even better service to my pregnant patients.

If you’re pregnant or planning to be, bookmark this post, and please share with your family and friends 🙂 If you have any resources to add, please leave them in the comments below! Some of these resources are Denver-specific, but there are some wonderful online listings as well if you are in other parts of the country.

Without further ado, in no particular order, and with free commentary…


Books & Websites:

Birthing From Within (Best. Birthing book. Ever.)

The Baby Book (You know how they always say, “if only babies came with a manual.” This is the manual.)

Ina May’s books (Love her.)

The Happiest Baby on the Block (Some of the techniques in this book really saved our butts.)

Baby Name Wizard (A really fun, unique way to find the right name.)

Brain Rules for Baby (Super interesting read, especially if you’re a science geek like me.)

Mother-Daughter Wisdom by Dr. Christiane Northrup (Or pretty much anything by Dr. Northrup. She’s my hero.)

Kelly Mom (An unbelievably amazing breastfeeding resource recommended to me by my doula.)

Spinning Babies (Everything you need to know about optimal fetal positioning.)



The Business of Being Born (Phenomenal documentary. And you get to find out what ever happened to Rikki Lake.)

Orgasmic Birth (Yep. Orgasmic. Not saying mine was, but really neat to know it’s possible!)

The Happiest Baby on the Block



Pre-natal Pilates | Jill Oliver at Insightful Motion (Even though prenatal Pilates isn’t listed on her website, contact her directly for availability. Jill is amazing, and pre-natal Pilates is truly her passion and area of expertise.)

Pre-natal Yoga | The MotherhoodBelly Bliss

Doula Services | Cocoon Birth

Acupuncture | Immortal Palace  (This is my acupuncture clinic where I specialize in women’s health including fertility, pregnancy, stimulating labor and post-natal recovery.)

Placenta Encapsulation | Tricia Good (If you save your placenta and take it in capsule form post-birth, it will help you recover more quickly, improve your energy and balance your emotions. Just let your doctor or midwife know your intentions beforehand and Tricia will tell you what else to do. She’s the best.)


Pre-natal Vitamins:

USANA Health Sciences Essentials Multivitamin (The absolute best pre-natal vitamin available. I have been taking these supplements for two years, and I recommend them to all my patients (pregnant or not), family and friends. I notice such a huge difference in my mood, energy level, skin, immune system, milk production, and my healthy baby girl!)

USANA Health Sciences Biomega Fish Oil (This brand is guaranteed not to contain mercury, and has a lemon deodorizer so you don’t have to worry about fish burps ;-))

USANA Health Sciences Calcium, Magnesium, Vit D (So important to be taking increased levels of calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D when you’re growing another set of bones and teeth inside of you!)

USANA Digestive Enzymes (Works miracles for pregnancy-induced heartburn, bloating, constipation, and all that other fun stuff! Also allows you to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from your food.)

USANA Probiotics (Keeps your digestion running smoothly and your immune system strong.)



Childbirth, newborn and breastfeeding | Mountain Midwifery Center (Even if you aren’t birthing at MMC, you can still take their classes, which are top-notch.)

Breast feeding groups | The Motherhood, Mountain Midwifery Center, La Leche League (If you plan to breastfeed, go to a breastfeeding group before you give birth–it will prepare you better than any breastfeeding book, and as an added bonus, being around other lactating moms and newborns will help stimulate your labor!)



Giggling Green Bean (Best baby store and right in my neighborhood! They also happen to be experts in cloth diapering, if you’re going that route. Sign up for their free classes.)

Etsy! (I found so many unique, original baby and maternity items on Etsy, including my gorgeous, handmade diaper bag!)



The Honest Company (Biodegradable, disposable diapers and wipes delivered to your door every month. Genius. They also make non-toxic cleaning products.)



Birds And Bees Tea (I loved drinking their “Peaceful Pregnancy” tea throughout my pregnancy. Also loved the “Family Immunity” designed to be safe for pregnant women.)

Traditional Medicinals

Yogi Tea



Pregnancy by The Smiles Factory (This was my absolute favorite pregnancy app! It was so educational, user friendly and beautiful to look at.)

My Pregnancy by Baby Center

Baby Names by Schatzisoft

Paperless Post (I loved this app for sending baby shower invites and the birth announcement.)

10 Best Apps For a New Mom



Pregnant Chicken (This blog is so hilarious. Definitely read for a great laugh.)

On To Baby

The Gentle Birth Method

The Glow


Registry: (This super-convenient online registry allows you to register for absolutely anything on any website Pinterest-style.)

Sample Registry | Pregnant Chicken (I love her taste.)



KT Tape (OMG, this product saved my life during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and right after giving birth. Watch the instructional videos on their website to learn how to tape yourself or have someone else tape you. It’s absolutely incredible for relieving lower back or sacral pain, and also neck and shoulder pain.)

Earth Mama Angel Baby



Baby Star

Under The Nile

Tea Collection

Mine For Nine (You can rent maternity clothes! Such a great idea, especially if you need a fancy dress for a special occasion or event.)

Hatch (Super stylie maternity looks, recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow. Who I love.)



Bravado (THE BEST BRA EVER! It even comes with a converter clip to make it into a regular bra once you’re done nursing. I bought several nursing bras, and the “Body Silk Seamless” is the only one I actually wear, because it really does “melt onto your body.” Although, I admit, I am secretly lusting after the “Bliss Nursing Bra.” If you splurge, let me know how you like it!)

Spanx Bra-llelujiah! (This bra really is cause for a celebration. I loved it during my pregnancy.)



Highland Mommies (If you’re not in the Highlands, look for a mommies group like this one in your neighborhood. Just the classifieds are totally worth it.)



Green Baby Bargains

Baby Steals


If you liked this post, click here to read My Favorite Resources For Baby’s First Year.

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