3 Tips To Decode Your Body’s Messages


This week on Whole Woman Wednesday, learn how to decode your body’s messages using these three easy tips.

I find myself often giving advice to my patients to listen to their body… for EVERYTHING.

Our bodies always speak the truth. They possess their own independent intelligence and wisdom that is separate from our thinking, analytical mind.

Our bodies are a rich source of information that we are taught to constantly ignore and override.

The more you tune into your body’s messages, the easier it will be to heal chronic health conditions, and even make better life decisions.

The book I mention in today’s episode is Anatomy of The Spirit by Caroline Myss Ph.D.


Whole Woman Wednesday Update


As I enter into the busy season of my clinical practice, I will be offering Whole Woman Wednesday every other week instead of weekly.

I’m also going to switch it up a bit with links to articles, products, podcasts, and books that I love, favorite quotes, aha! moments, journal entry excerpts, success stories, questions to ponder, and more.

And I have some guest interviews and guest blog posts planned that you will love.

Lots of exciting things in store for you for Whole Woman Wednesday! Stay tuned.



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Thanks for watching, and thank you for taking steps to heal yourself so that together we can heal the world.

Much love and gratitude. XO


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