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I first met Julia when I was pregnant with my second daughter and about to deliver. She showed up at just the right time, offering me sage advice as a postnatal Ayurvedic doula to take care of myself and my baby after delivery.

Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine share similar roots, so I have always been intrigued by Ayurvedic medicine. As a mother and acupuncturist specializing in women’s health, I was interested and grateful on many levels to read Julia’s book and share her knowledge with my patients and clients all over the world.

When she asked me to review her ebook Nourishing Newborn Mothers, it was a no-brainer! Without further ado…

At first I was intimidated by the Ayurvedic ingredient list, but I was pleasantly surprised to find we already had almost everything we needed in the pantry, fridge, and garden to make the recipe I wanted to try: Nepali rice pudding.

Nepali rice pudding

With useful tidbits throughout the book about how to treat common postnatal issues like constipation, depression, sciatic pain, colic and reflux, this book is more than a cookbook, it’s a manual for the new mother.

One of the most fascinating things I learned from reading (devouring) this cookbook cover to cover, was the concept that a new mom can develop lifelong chronic disharmonies in the body if she is not properly cared for during this extremely vulnerable postnatal phase of life. From my clinical experience as an acupuncturist treating many new moms, this statement rang true for me.

Julia emphasizes that these recipes are not meant to be cooked by the new mom, they are meant to be cooked for her. For this reason, it’s advisable for a pregnant mama to read and familiarize herself with the book before she gives birth. That way she can prepare certain ingredients, like ghee which almost every recipe calls for, and designate certain recipes to be cooked for her by the caretakers in her life.

Even though I was supposed to have someone make it for me, I made the Nepali rice pudding when I was 12 days postpartum, and it really was as easy as boiling rice. It looked bland and unassuming, but the flavor was strong, spicy, and sweet. It tasted like homemade chai tea only more satisfying. My two-year-old daughter loved it, too!

NNM cover for web page

Now I recommend Julia’s book, Nourishing Newborn Mothers, to all my patients and clients from around the world because I think it’s so crucial for new moms to learn how to care for themselves during the postpartum phase.

Small family pic kids in treeJulia Jones is an Ayurvedic postnatal doula in Fremantle, Western Australia. She guides pregnant women to peace and joy as they transition into motherhood. She has two beautiful children, Harriet and Albert, and loves gardening, cooking and playing with her neighbors on the street.

Julia appears via podcast in my 21-Day Online Empowerment Course, Pregnant Woman, where she shares her knowledge about what foods to eat to increase breast milk supply.

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