Bloom Where You’re Planted

“Bloom where you’re planted.” I first read this saying on a fridge magnet in New Zealand when I was 21. I was backpacking solo for three months, living and working on organic farms and feeling quite nomadic.

Having just graduated college, I didn’t know yet what career I wanted to pursue or how I wanted to live my life. Traveling alone for the first time in my life brought with it many challenges and sweet moments, one of them being the realization that “home” was inside of myself and not a geographic location.


When I read this saying I decided to feel happy no matter how alone or displaced I felt, no matter how homesick.


I will always remember that lesson I learned, it gave me a new kind of self-confidence that I still carry with me.

Twelve years later, married with a beautiful baby girl, owning my own wellness business, this saying has a whole new meaning for me. I am lucky to wear so many hats–wife, mother, daughter, healer, business mentor, business owner–but I often feel pulled in a million different directions.


My biggest lesson lately has been to be present in each role in my life. Bloom where I’m planted.


Bloom where you're planted


Questions to inspire action:

Are you always wishing you’re somewhere else, literally or figuratively?

Are you present with each daily activity?

Is there something you’re willing to give up in order to accomplish what you want?

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