Attract More Of What You Want By Learning This Simple Trick

Do you want to learn the easiest way to turn your mediocre mood into a great one while simultaneously allowing more good things to flow into your life?

Best of all, this technique is so simple you can do it while driving in your car, waiting in line at the post office, grocery shopping, or anywhere else.

Taken from one of my all time favorite books, Ask And It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, “The Rampage of Appreciation” will be one of the most important tools in your tool box.


This exercise is so simple that anyone can do it at any time, and so powerful that it has the potential to change your life.


I sometimes notice that I’m not feeling my best, but I’m not feeling terrible either. When I’m in this “blah” state of mind, it seems like I become a magnet for unpleasant thoughts, feelings and events in my life.

I feel particularly vulnerable to negative emotions, my own and other people’s. I’m not consciously maintaining my own positive attitude, so it’s easy  to get dragged down by something I see on TV or read on the internet, or by an interaction with someone.

Does this sound familiar?

You are not alone! Most people live their whole lives in this unconscious state and feel they have no control over making any difference in how they feel or what they’re attracting into their lives.


Here’s a happy little secret I want to share with you (and it’s a Tweetable!): You can control how you feel and therefore what you attract into your life. @josiebouchier


Here’s exactly how to do it:


1) Start by noticing something in your immediate environment that pleases you.

2) Focus your attention on this object and consider all the ways it’s wonderful, beautiful, or useful. You will notice that your positive feelings about this object will increase as you do this.

3) Notice your increased feeling of positivity and feel appreciative of this feeling. Then, move on to another object and repeat the exercise.

It can be beneficial to do this exercise on paper, but it’s not necessary. Start by doing this exercise once or twice a day. The more you do it, the better it feels, and the more you’ll do it. 🙂


“When you are in the mode of appreciation, there is no resistance within your vibration. And your own achievement of resistance is the only thing that ever holds you apart from anything that you desire.”  ~ Esther Hicks


Here’s an example from Ask And It Is Given.

While standing in line at the post office, you may think:

This is a very nice building.

It’s great that they keep it so clean.

I like how friendly that postal worker is.

I appreciate the way that mother is interacting with her child.

That’s a good-looking jacket.

My day is really going well.  


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