How To Accomplish Your Goals Without Losing Steam (Or Self-Esteem)


A real inspiration killer is trying to work toward a goal when you needed that goal to happen yesterday. Or 5 years ago.

Whether it be a financial goal, a health goal, or a life goal, if the “getting there” doesn’t feel good, or if you feel desperate for it to happen, you will block any flow of divine creativity, love or abundance, which would help you reach your goal.

Let’s face it, setting goals can be stressful. It sounds like a good idea at first, but as time goes by and you’re working your tail off and your progress is not what you expected, or the timeframe changes, or the path doesn’t look anything like what you envisioned, you can start to question yourself.

With New Year’s just two weeks away, I think it’s important to address this popular topic of goal-setting, and offer some new insights that will make setting and reaching for your goals a more rewarding and empowering experience.


Try these simple, yet powerful techniques when setting your goals for 2014:


1) Change your mindset from looking behind to looking ahead. Instead of feeling like you’re constantly missing the boat, shift your thinking to the possibility that your boat is coming and you are in the perfect position to jump on.

Rather than focusing on missed opportunities, others’ successes, or time passing, make the decision to look ahead for opportunities on the horizon. For example, when I start to feel behind or overwhelmed in my business, I make a conscious decision to stop focusing on the past, and plan ahead so that I am prepared for the following day, week, month, or year.

Consider that missing the boat might have been the best thing that ever happened to you. Because now you can catch this boat.


2) Do things to make yourself feel good and comfortable while you work toward your goal. Settle in, relax, allow it to happen. Continue to work hard, but don’t forget to enjoy your life and acknowledge the progress you’ve made.

This could mean carving out time to spend with friends and family even though you feel like the busiest human being on the planet, or honoring your body every day by making sure you’re eating good food and drinking enough water, or indulging in affordable creature comforts once in awhile, even if it means spending a little money on your road to financial freedom.

The journey has to feel good. Self-deprivation will only slow your progress.


3) What do you think accomplishing this goal will give you, emotionally, physically, spiritually? How will it make you feel? What other things can you do right now to feel that way? 

Get out your journal and answer the above questions about major goals you have set for yourself. Pick out a few specific things you can do every day to mimic the way you think you will feel when you accomplish your goal.

For example, if I think getting pregnant is going to make me feel more feminine, more confident in my body, or more loved, there are several other things I can do to experience those same feelings.

I know wearing a dress instead of pants isn’t the same as getting pregnant, but if it makes me feel more feminine, I am one step closer to enjoying my life to its fullest, with or without a pregnancy.


To dive deeper into this concept, I highly recommend checking out The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. (Or anything by Danielle LaPorte.) I recently watched this inspiring and thought-provoking interview of Danielle by Marie Forleo, and couldn’t order my copy of The Desire Map fast enough. I patiently await my package. I will report back.


To make your goals a little closer…

1) If you need a little (or a lot of) guidance reaching your health goals for 2014, make sure you’re on the Early Bird wait list for my New Year’s Clean Up Your Diet 21-day program with Health Coach Elizabeth Rider.

You will learn everything you need to know about how to eat and why to eat it, from superfoods to green smoothies and everything in between, and you’ll be surrounded by hundreds of others in a supportive, fun private forum. (This might be the last Clean Up Your Diet program I run in 2014, so make sure to jump on this boat! 😉 ) Registration opens New Year’s Day.


2) If financial freedom is your goal, mentoring women around the world is one of my main passions in life, and I would love to work with you. Check out the details here.


3) If you have a life goal of starting a family, you’re in luck. I am in the process of putting the finishing touches on a truly remarkable online program called Fertile Woman. This program is near and dear to my heart and full of my best information as a fertility specialist to help you conceive naturally or with western medical assistance. Coming Spring 2014. Make sure you’re on the list here so you don’t miss a thing.


Here’s to you and enjoying the path to accomplishing your goals in 2014.

Happy New Year!


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