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Posted by on Jan 5, 2011 in Nutrition | 2 comments

5 Quick Yummy Snacks (that are good for you!)

5 Quick Yummy Snacks (that are good for you!)

When you’re hungry for a snack do you go to the pantry instead of the fridge? Is it hard for you to get out of  the rut of eating the same bad things, even though you know what you “should” be eating?

Here are some quick and easy snack ideas that will tide you over between meals and keep you more satiated than a bag of chips.

1) Celery with almond butter and a chopped up date. (The healthier version of “ants on a log.”)

2) Carrots or whole grain crackers with hummus.

3) A hard-boiled egg.

4) Organic sandwich meat with goat cheese.

5) Handful of nuts and dried fruit.

Take action!

Try one of these snacks today and notice how you feel.

Leave me a comment below and tell me which snack you’re excited to try! (I’d also love to hear your quick and healthy snack ideas.)

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