3 Reasons You’re Not Infertile, Even If Your Doctor Thinks You Are


A lot of women come to me discouraged by their experience with western medicine, particularly when it comes to getting pregnant. While western medicine offers many technologically advanced options these days (that can be even more effective when used in conjunction with Chinese medicine), many women feel they don’t want to go to extreme, unnatural or expensive measures to have a baby.

If you’ve been trying and not succeeding to get pregnant and your doctor thinks it’s time for intervention, here are 3 reasons you’re not infertile through the eyes of Chinese medicine:


1) It takes time to create a new environment (or fertile ground) in your body and mind. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the body as a microcosm of nature.Western medicine focuses on fixing one small part of the body, whereas TCM fixes the entire ecosystem.

As it is possible to turn infertile land into fertile land, it is also true within the body.

In addition to creating fertile ground in your body, in Chinese medicine it is equally important to create fertile ground in your mind. What are your thoughts, desires and fears around motherhood? Your own childhood? Giving birth?

Is your mind at peace with carrying a child?


2) Your body is designed to have children. Allow it to do that. Many women lose faith in their bodies when they can’t conceive. This is understandable, but not necessary.

Trust your body.

I’ve said it once and I’ll sat it again. Read. This. Book. Taking Charge of Your Fertility. This book teaches everything you need to know to perform the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

Simply charting your cycle, recording your basal body temperature and keeping track of your cervical fluid (i.e. FAM) are steps that many women skip because they seem too complicated (or too simple).

Don’t be too quick to hand over the understanding of your body to someone else (or worse, to nobody)! You are the one who will need to know it best in order to conceive at just the right moment.

Try charting for a full year and notice how your cycle fluctuates in relation to the seasons changing.

There will most likely be a time of year where you are your most fertile. Your cervical fluid will be higher in volume and egg-white consistency, and your luteal phase may be slightly longer with higher overall temperatures. If you were trying to conceive naturally through the winter months, what a shame it would be if you gave up during the following summer or fall!

But if you were charting, you would see the pattern and know for a fact your most fertile time of year. How empowering! (Can you tell I get excited about this?)


3) There are many ways to be fertile, to mother, to create, to give birth. Infertile is a label that no woman wants to wear. If you’ve been given that label, take it off right now. (The mind is powerful and will start to align the body with that belief system.)

Begin to invoke all aspects of motherhood into your life. Give birth to new ideas, create a meal or piece of art from scratch, be a mother to an animal or friend in need.

Explore motherhood and get comfortable in it. See yourself clearly as a mother.

You may start to feel a growing feeling of satisfaction and love, where the actual carrying of a child will seem either inevitable or unnecessary.

The feeling you think having a child will give you is a feeling you already have inside of you.


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